What Is UTR Number In Paytm?

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In today’s digital age, mobile payment platforms have revolutionized the way we conduct financial transactions. Paytm, one of India’s leading mobile wallet and payment platforms, plays a significant role in this transformation. To ensure the smooth processing of transactions, Paytm users may come across the term “UTR Number.” In this blog, we’ll explore what a UTR Number is in Paytm, its significance, and how it facilitates secure and efficient transactions.

What Is UTR Number In Paytm?

UTR stands for “Unique Transaction Reference.” A UTR Number is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to every financial transaction processed through the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) or Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) systems in India. This reference number serves as a digital fingerprint for each transaction, making it identifiable and traceable within the banking system.

The Key Components Of A UTR Number:

  1. Alpha Characters: The UTR Number usually begins with a few alphabetical characters that identify the bank or financial institution involved in the transaction.
  2. Numeric Characters: Following the alphabetic prefix, there are typically a series of numeric characters that form the core of the UTR Number. These numbers are unique to each transaction.
  3. Suffix: The UTR Number may end with additional alphanumeric characters, which can vary based on the bank’s coding system.

Significance Of A UTR Number In Paytm

  1. Transaction Tracking: A UTR Number is essential for tracking the progress and status of a financial transaction. It enables users to monitor their payments, ensuring they reach the intended recipient.
  2. Proof of Transaction: For Paytm users, the UTR Number serves as evidence that a transaction has taken place. It’s a crucial reference when addressing payment disputes or verifying that a transaction has occurred.
  3. Security: The presence of a UTR Number enhances the security of financial transactions. It allows banks to cross-check the details of each transaction and ensure that funds are transferred accurately.

How To Find Your UTR Number In Paytm?

Finding the UTR Number for a Paytm transaction is a straightforward process:

  1. Transaction History: Open your Paytm app and navigate to the transaction history or passbook section.
  2. Select Transaction: Locate the specific transaction for which you need the UTR Number and select it.
  3. View UTR Number: The UTR Number is usually displayed within the transaction details. It may also be labeled as “Transaction ID” or something similar.
  4. Note or Copy: Make a note of the UTR Number or copy it to your device’s clipboard for reference.


The UTR Number in Paytm is a vital element of secure and accountable digital transactions. It ensures that funds are transferred accurately and can be tracked throughout the process. Whether you’re making payments, receiving money, or simply managing your financial records, understanding the significance of the UTR Number in Paytm will help you navigate the world of digital finance with confidence and ease.

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Where Can I Find My UTR Number In Paytm?

Open the Paytm app on your mobile device. Look for the ‘Balance & History’ icon on the home screen and tap it. Choose the transaction you want to check the UPI reference number for. Once you have selected the transaction, note down the unique 12-digit UPI reference number.

What Is The 12-Digit UTR Number In Paytm?

Usually, it’s a 12-digit code allocated to each transaction. So that we can track a specific payment if any error is found. UPI transactions give security and reliability with unique 12-digit numbers.

How Do I Find The UTR Number?

It is a unique number that is generated for recognizing any fund transfer and is created by the bank that facilitates the transfer. You will find the UTR number in your bank statement listed as Ref no under the transaction details. It may look something like XXXXR520190109599036XX.

What Is 12-Digit Transaction UTR Number?

A UTR number (unique transaction reference) is a unique reference code that is attached to every transfer sent to India. On the recipient bank statement, the UTR number is visible on the received transfer. The exact format of the number can differ according to payment method.

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