What Is SOL ID Of Bank?

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In the vast and interconnected world of banking, every branch of a bank is assigned a unique identification code to facilitate smooth and efficient financial transactions. This code is commonly referred to as the “SOL ID,” which stands for “Settlement and Branch Locator ID.” In this blog, we will explore what a SOL ID of a bank is, its significance, how it works, and why it’s essential in the modern banking landscape.

What Is SOL ID Of Bank?

A SOL ID, or Settlement and Branch Locator ID, is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to each branch of a bank. It serves as an essential identifier, allowing financial institutions and systems to pinpoint a specific branch during various banking transactions. The SOL ID typically consists of a combination of letters, numbers, or both, making it a distinct code for each branch.

Key Aspects Of SOL ID:

  1. Unique IDentification: Each branch of a bank is assigned a different SOL ID, ensuring that no two branches have the same code.
  2. Standardized Format: SOL IDs are usually structured according to a standardized format, making them easily recognizable and interpretable.
  3. Critical for Clearing and Settlement: SOL IDs play a pivotal role in the clearing and settlement of financial transactions, enabling seamless interbank transfers.
  4. Part of IFSC: In many countries, SOL IDs are integrated into the larger system of the International Financial System Code (IFSC), which is used for electronic funds transfer.

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The Significance Of SOL ID

  1. Transaction Accuracy: SOL IDs help ensure that financial transactions, such as electronic fund transfers and check clearing, are routed accurately to the intended branch.
  2. Interbank Connectivity: They facilitate interbank connectivity, allowing various banks to work together within a standardized framework for efficient transactions.
  3. Customer Service: For customers, SOL IDs are essential when they need to specify the branch for various services, from opening accounts to initiating transfers.
  4. Efficiency: By uniquely identifying each branch, SOL IDs streamline banking processes, reducing errors and delays in transactions.

How SOL ID Works?

When a customer initiates a transaction, the SOL ID of the destination branch is used to route the transaction to the correct branch. This code is recognized by banking systems, including those involved in the clearing and settlement of transactions. Whether it’s a local or interbank transaction, the SOL ID ensures that the funds or documents reach the intended branch without errors.

Example: In India, the SOL ID is part of the IFSC (Indian Financial System Code). For instance, in the IFSC “SBIN0001234,” “SBIN” represents the bank code for State Bank of India, while “0001234” is the SOL ID for a specific branch of the bank.


The SOL ID of a bank is a critical element in the world of banking that ensures the efficient and accurate routing of financial transactions. It is an indispensable component for interbank connectivity, customer service, and the overall efficiency of banking operations. In a globalized and interconnected financial landscape, SOL IDs are vital in maintaining the integrity and reliability of banking services, serving as the reliable address for each branch within a financial institution.


How Many Digits Is A SOL ID?

It will be four digit numerical. in the ifsc code printed on the cheque book.,the last four digit is the branch SOLid.

What Is Branch ID In Pnb?

The initial 4 letters of PNB’s 11-digit IFSC code are ‘PUNB’, and the specific branch code is mentioned in the last 6 characters. For example, the Punjab National Bank IFSC Code for Golf Course Road branch is PUNB0984500. Here, 984500 is the branch code.

How Many Branches Of IDbi Bank Are There In India?

It has 3,323 ATMs, 1,937 Retail Banking branches, including one overseas branch in Dubai, 58 e-lounges and 1,442 Centres as of 1 August 2023. As of September 2021, Life Insurance Corporation holds the 49.24% shareholding and the Government of India holds 45.48%, with LIC being in control of the management of the bank.

How Many Zones Are There In Union Bank Of India?

MUMBAI: State-owned Union Bank of India, which merged Andhra Bank and Corporation Bank with it in April, on Thursday said it has created a new organisational structure having 18 zonal offices and 125 regional offices.

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