What Is Nsso?

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What Is NSSO?

In the dynamic landscape of government agencies and statistical organizations, the National Sample Survey Office, commonly referred to as NSSO, stands as a significant institution in India. NSSO plays a pivotal role in collecting, analyzing, and disseminating essential socio-economic data that informs policy-making and planning at both the state and national levels. In this blog, we will delve into what NSSO is, its functions, and its vital contribution to India’s statistical landscape.

The Birth Of NSSO

The origins of NSSO can be traced back to the early 1950s when the Government of India established it as an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI). The primary objective was to conduct comprehensive sample surveys to gather reliable and relevant data on various aspects of the country’s socio-economic conditions.

Key Functions Of NSSO

  1. Data Collection: NSSO conducts large-scale sample surveys across India to collect data on a wide range of topics, including employment, unemployment, income, consumption, education, health, and housing. These surveys provide a snapshot of the country’s socio-economic status.
  2. Policy Formulation: The data collected by NSSO serves as a crucial input for policy formulation and planning by the central and state governments. It helps policymakers make informed decisions that can address the needs of different sections of the population.
  3. Resource Allocation: Government allocations of resources, such as funds for education, health, and rural development, are often based on the findings of NSSO surveys. This ensures that resources are distributed effectively and equitably.
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation: NSSO also conducts surveys and studies to evaluate the impact of various government programs and schemes. This helps in assessing the effectiveness of these initiatives and making necessary adjustments.
  5. Research and Analysis: Researchers, academics, and institutions often rely on NSSO data for their studies and analyses. The availability of comprehensive and reliable data is invaluable for academic research and policy advocacy.
  6. International Comparisons: NSSO data allows for comparisons with international socio-economic indicators, enabling India to gauge its progress relative to other countries.

Key Surveys Conducted By NSSO

NSSO conducts a variety of surveys, each focusing on specific aspects of socio-economic life. Some of the prominent surveys include:

  1. Employment and Unemployment Surveys: These surveys provide insights into the employment and unemployment scenario in India, including rural and urban areas.
  2. Consumer Expenditure Surveys: These surveys help determine the patterns of consumption and expenditure among households, contributing to poverty estimation and understanding living standards.
  3. Living Conditions and Social Consumption Surveys: These surveys focus on housing conditions, health, education, and sanitation practices, among other aspects.
  4. Economic Census: Conducted every five years, this census collects data on various economic activities and establishments across the country.
  5. Time Use Surveys: These surveys gather information about how individuals allocate their time to various activities, shedding light on work-life balance and gender roles.


The National Sample Survey Office, through its rigorous data collection and analysis, plays an indispensable role in shaping India’s socio-economic landscape. Its data-driven approach informs policies, ensures resource allocation, and helps evaluate the impact of government programs. Beyond policymaking, NSSO data is a valuable resource for researchers, analysts, and academics, contributing to a deeper understanding of India’s diverse socio-economic dynamics. As India continues to evolve, NSSO remains a reliable and essential source of information that empowers decision-makers and citizens alike.

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What Is NSSO And Its Function?

The National Sample Survey Office(NSSO) headed by a Director General is responsible for conduct of large scale sample surveys in diverse fields on All India basis. Primarily data are collected through nation-wide household surveys on various socio-economic subjects, Annual Survey of Industries (ASI), etc.

What Are The 3 Functions Of NSSO?

Functions of NSSO:

  • It conducts socio-economic surveys on various subjects like employment, consumer expenditure, health, unemployment, and medical services, etc.
  • It decides the topics to be covered in a particular survey found.
  • It conducts an annual survey of Industries every year.

What Is The Main Objective Of NSSO?

Objectives of NSSO:

To make statistical and related information available for purposes of planning and policy prescriptions. Then to help in devising statistical techniques to analyze and interpret data and make estimations about future trends.

What Is NSSO And What Is Its Function Class 9?

In March 1970, NSS was reorganised as National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO). It is an organisation in the Ministry of Statistics and Programmed Implementation and is the largest organisation in India that conducts regular socio-economic surveys.

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