What Is Internship In Mbbs?

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A career in medicine is a journey of compassion, knowledge, and skill development. For MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) graduates, the transition from the classroom to the real world is facilitated by an integral phase known as the internship. An internship in MBBS marks the bridge between theoretical learning and practical application, providing aspiring doctors with hands-on experience, exposure to diverse medical cases, and the opportunity to refine their clinical skills. In this blog, we explore the importance of internships in MBBS, understanding how they shape future doctors and contribute to the healthcare landscape.

What Is Internship In MBBS?

An internship in MBBS is a mandatory phase in medical education that typically follows the successful completion of academic coursework and clinical rotations. It is a supervised period during which medical graduates engage in various clinical activities, patient care, and rotations through different medical specialties.

The Role And Significance Of Internship:

  1. Practical Application: Internships offer medical graduates the chance to apply the knowledge acquired during their academic years to real patient scenarios. This hands-on experience bridges the gap between theory and practice.
  2. Clinical Exposure: Interns are exposed to a diverse range of medical cases, ailments, and conditions. This exposure is invaluable for honing diagnostic skills and learning about the management of various illnesses.
  3. Skill Refinement: During an internship, aspiring doctors enhance their clinical skills, including history-taking, physical examination, diagnostic interpretation, and procedural competency.
  4. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Interns work closely with experienced physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, gaining insights into collaborative patient care and interdisciplinary teamwork.
  5. Ethical and Professional Development: Internships provide exposure to ethical dilemmas, patient confidentiality, and the importance of maintaining professionalism in medical practice.

Activities During An Internship:

  1. Rotations: Interns rotate through different medical specialties, such as internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and more.
  2. Ward Rounds: Interns participate in daily ward rounds, where they present patient cases, discuss treatment plans, and receive feedback from senior doctors.
  3. Outpatient Clinics: Interns engage in outpatient clinics, interacting with patients, diagnosing conditions, and recommending treatments.
  4. Procedures: Interns learn and perform various medical procedures, ranging from administering injections to assisting in surgeries.
  5. Emergency Department: Interns gain exposure to emergency medicine, learning to handle critical cases and medical emergencies.

Preparation For Future Practice:

An internship serves as a foundation for the future medical practice of aspiring doctors. It equips them with the confidence, skills, and knowledge required to provide effective patient care, make informed clinical decisions, and contribute to the healthcare ecosystem.


An internship in MBBS is a transformative phase that propels medical graduates into the world of real patient care. It fosters the growth of clinical acumen, professional integrity, and compassionate patient interaction. As aspiring doctors navigate the challenges and rewards of an internship, they lay the groundwork for a fulfilling and impactful career in the noble field of medicine.

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What Do MBBS Students Do In Internship?

Internship after MBBS graduation

The internship is a training program and in the medical field, an MBBS graduate can gain his knowledge about the modalities and methods to administer health and medical care practices in a real working environment.

Do MBBS Interns Get Paid?

“Internship remuneration for MBBS candidates varies in each state. Government colleges in Karnataka, Delhi, West Bengal, and Central Institutes pay interns around Rs 20-26k per month. However, certain states pay less than Rs 20k.

How Many Years Is MBBS With Internship?

After completing 4 years 6-month classroom training program, students need to complete an internship in a hospital of the college. MBBS Internship Duration in India is 1 year. The internship is compulsory for all students and without completing an internship, they can’t receive the honour of a doctoral degree.

Is Internship After MBBS Compulsory?

Every medical graduate after completing 4.5 years of MBBS course, shall be required to undergo a compulsory rotating medical internship (CRMI) for a minimum period of twelve months.

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