Jasleen Arora Age – Everything You Need To Know

Jasleen Arora Age – Everything You Need To Know  Jasleen Arora is a well-known personality in India, who has gained immense popularity due to her talent and hard work. Her fans are always curious about her personal and professional life, including her age. In this blog, we will be discussing everything you need to know about Jasleen Arora’s age.

Who Is Jasleen Arora?

Jasleen Arora is a famous Indian singer, songwriter, and composer. She is known for her soulful voice and has won several awards for her contribution to the music industry. She has also performed in various live shows and concerts all over the world.

What Is Jasleen Arora’s Age?

Jasleen Arora was born on 5th March 1990, which means she is currently 33 years old. Despite being in her early 30s, she has achieved a lot of success and has made a name for herself in the music industry.

Jasleen Arora’s Early Life

Jasleen Arora was born and brought up in Delhi, India. She developed an interest in music at a very young age and started taking classical music lessons. She completed her schooling in Delhi and then went on to pursue a degree in music from Delhi University. After completing her studies, she started her career as a singer and composer.

Jasleen Arora’s Career

Jasleen Arora’s career started in 2013 when she participated in the popular singing reality show, India’s Got Talent. She received immense appreciation for her performances and soon became a household name. She has also composed music for various Bollywood movies and has sung for several albums. Some of her popular songs include “Din Shagna Da,” “Pee Loon,” and “Mera Mann.”

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What Is Riva Arora Age?

Riva Arora’s age is 13 years (1 February 2010)

How Old Is Anjali Arora Lock Up?

Anjali Arora was born on Wednesday, 3 November 1999 (age 22 years; as of 2021) in Delhi, India. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

What Is The Age Of Avneet Kaur?

Age of Avneet Kaur is21 years (13 October 2001)

Who Is The Child Actor In Uri?

actor Riva Arora

Uri and Mom child actor Riva Arora celebrated her 10 million followers in the most luxurious manner.


In conclusion, Jasleen Arora is a talented and successful singer who has achieved a lot at a young age. She has won the hearts of millions of fans with her soulful voice and continues to inspire aspiring singers all over the world. Her age is 33 years old and she has a long way to go in her career. We wish her all the success in the future.


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